35th America's Cup at Rosewood Tucker’s Point
Resort guests will watch races aboard the Mariner III yacht, a 122-foot pleasure cruiser built in 1926…
From FDR to JFK, these POTUS-approved hotels are perfect for a President’s Day weekend getaway…

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  1. “We’ll be stabling tonight in Taynuilt,” said the man across the aisle, looking up from his itinerary as if to savor the word. It was yet another affirmation of why we had chosen this trip. On any...
  2. I have a confession to share: I am not an animal person. Friends’ pets frighten me with their pouncing and slobbering; I find zoos rather pedestrian; and don’t get me started on the critters that...
  3. We were somewhere over the North Atlantic, halfway between New York and London, and so far our flight had been uneventful. The instruments on the bulkhead indicated an altitude of 60,000 feet and a...
  4. Upon your arrival, the glory of Venice strikes you. It is present in the architecture of the palaces, churches, and squares. The city’s onetime prosperity is witnessed in commissioned paintings by...
  5. Some people may still think of the Catskills as chopped liver, but the Emerson Inn & Spa, the first small luxury hotel in the Catskill Forest Preserve, is quickly changing that image to foie gras...
  6. XV Beacon (877.XVBEACON) and the White Barn Inn (207. 967.2321) are offering the best of both worlds—city and country—for weekend travelers to New England. The tony boutique hotel in the heart of...
  7. If the marine world is the least explored region of our planet, then underwater caves represent Earth’s final frontier—which begins to explain why I’m standing in the middle of a Mexican jungle...
  8. In a few minutes a Czech-built L-39 Albatross, a jet fighter trainer with a bright red star on its tail and a cannon in its belly, will thunder down a Santa Fe airport runway and launch itself into...
  9. The ideal way to approach the recently opened Delamar Greenwich Harbor hotel is from Long Island Sound. In good weather, the sun reflecting off the yellow stucco exterior and terra-cotta roof could...
  10. The newly renovated Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel (441.295.3000, www.fairmont.com ) embodies a breezy Bermuda take on European elegance that has long made the 19th-century hostelry a favored stop...