$13.9 million jet trip
The most expensive around-the-world private-jet trip offers much more than sightseeing…
Robb Report celebrates Presidents’ Day with a look at the world’s most extraordinary presidential suites…

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  1. Though just two miles off Mozambique’s northeastern coast, Vamizi Island seems a wild and secluded sanctuary. Even the civil war that devastated the rest of the country by the early 1990s never made...
  2. Even at its 50-guest capacity, Calivigny Island never lacks for living space. The 80-acre island just south of Grenada was purchased in 2000 by a French businessman and his wife, who subsequently...
  3. A typical day at North Island might involve tracking a rare Seychelles white-eye bird through the jungle, following a sea turtle into deep ocean chasms, or simply lying on one of four sandy beaches...
  4. At nearly 3,000 acres, Laucala Island is by far the largest private island featured in these pages. The Fijian hideaway thus has ample space for an 18-hole golf course (designed by David McLay Kidd...
  5. Sir Richard Branson’s original resort, the 27-year-old Necker Island, experienced a setback just a month after the Virgin mogul’s property in Australia opened to the public. Lightning struck the...
  6. Hannah "Shotgun" Makepeace would not recognize her namesake today. After moving to Australia’s Noosa River region in 1924, the housekeeper-turned-proprietor of Makepeace Island became known for...
  7. Villa La Cassinella is technically not a private island. In fact, the 18th-century estate is not even on an island—it is perched on a secluded peninsula in Italy’s Lake Como. But this gloriously...
  8. At some point in the 16th century,piratesweary from pillaging and plundering took a break on Frégate Island, a 740-acre haven some 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa. The island’s remote...
  9. If private islands have a downside, it is that they are at times too private—cut off from the communities and cultures that make most destinations worth visiting. Not so at Dolphin Island, a 13-acre...
  10. During construction at Song Saa Private Island, Melita Hunter sent fishing boats on daily excursions through the Gulf of Thailand to gather branches, warped tree trunks, and remains of painted...