From small boutiques to stylish restaurants, discover what these fashion capitals have to offer…
The men’s Spring Summer 2017 looks included tawny leather jackets, ocean-blue separates, and pops of sunny yellow
The iconic French fashion house debuted a range of refreshing new designs in the City of Angels…

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  1. You don’t need a compass to recognize that the concept of mobility is the prevailing undercurrent for spring fashion. From suits and sportswear in natural, wrinkle-resistant cloths to retro-inspired...
  2. Rodolfo Valentin may have the requisite foreign accent, but he is not your typical celebrity hair stylist, or designer, as they prefer to be called now. Rather than apply a signature cut, he instead...
  3. Linen, the world’s oldest known cloth, never wore so well as it does in Loro Piana’s (212.980.7961) spring collection of linen pants ($435) and shirts ($335). In its quest for the ultimate linen,...
  4. When the art of shaving opened its first grooming boutique and shaving spa in 1996, cofounder and president Eric Malka had to convince men to take their shaving accoutrements as seriously as their...
  5. Naples is shaking again, but this time the trembling has nothing to do with Mount Vesuvius. The tremors began last year, when Gianluca Isaia decided to rethink the classic Neapolitan suit, a garment...
  6. In the realm of luxury menswear, two factions—small artisan brands and prestige designer labels—peacefully coexist and even complement each other in a man’s wardrobe. While you cannot dispute the...
  7. Hats made from toquilla straw, which comes from the Carludovica palmata plant in South America, predate the Spanish Conquest of the 16th century. The hats were named Panamas in the mid-1800s by...
  8. Even with climate-controlled cedar closets to preserve fine fabrics and keep moths at bay, clothing takes a pounding from the wear and tear of frequent use. When it comes to repairing insect holes,...
  9. Alan Flusser (212.888.4500) literally wrote the book on dressing the world’s most elegant men. The 30-year veteran clothing designer, custom suitmaker, and personal wardrobe consultant has penned...
  10. Suits: Oxxford Clothes Oxxford Clothes’ latest suit silhouette was modified from a roped-shoulder, nipped-waist design first introduced in the 1930s. By raising the button stance, angling the pockets...