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  1. Without question, Kiton makes some of the best tailored clothing on the planet, and it is raising the bar even higher with the new Lasa jacket for fall. Each one is made by a single tailor from start...
  2. It is easy to warm up to the Salvatore Ferragamo Special Edition Tramezza ( ) shoe collection. Made from leather that has been treated so that it becomes elastic as its temperature...
  3. The limited-edition Gucci 1921 series ( ) of handbags and luggage might celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary, but its Diamante print references the decade after the firm’s founding...
  4. Brioni is best known for the exceptionally tailored, classically cut suits it has been making since 1945. But in the last few years, it has also become a surprisingly inventive maker of sportswear...
  5. Stefano Ricci (212.371.3901, ) sportswear stands out for its inventive mix of materials and key pieces. 2nd from Left : Cashmere bomber jacket with silk lining and mink collar,...
  6. Hermès (800.441.4488, ) proves it is more than just an accessories house, with menswear that delivers style and performance. 2nd from Right: Waterproof cashmere trench coat, cashmere...
  7. Canali (212.767.0205, ) remains a must-have for its broad range of fabrics and colors, and practical silhouettes. Far Right: Cashmere bomber jacket with mink collar, $2,995, and cotton...
  8. Brunello Cucinelli (212.813.0900, ) continues to set the standard for luxurious sportswear, be it denim or cashmere. Far left: Cashmere-and-wool peacoat, $4,495, cashmere-and...
  9. Tardini (212.246.0085, ) offers one of the best-made alligator dress shoes. The inventive designer even created casual alligator-and-suede sneakers. Far Right: Shiny...
  10. George Cleverley (310.289.0008, ) creates new shapes and details for his growing collection. 2nd from Right: Reuben antique calf wingtips, $850.