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  1. The London showroom and workshop of John Carnera and George Glasgow, two of England’s best-known bespoke shoemakers, is a dark, three-story space that smells of beech wood, oil, and leather. To say...
  2. The September 1998 merger of Asprey London with Garrard had all the markings of a regal marriage made in heaven. Asprey, the royal jeweler, seemed like the perfect suitor for Garrard, employer of the...
  3. Clive Christian, creator of an eponymous collection of rarefied perfumes ( ) and owner of England’s 161-year-old The Crown Perfumers Co., claims to be selling the world’s most expensive...
  4. In 1221, an order of Dominican monks cultivated herbs in a monastery garden in Florence, Italy, to produce medicinal balms and creams for the sick. Such acts of charity were not uncommon in the 13th...
  5. American designers have been infiltrating the European fashion capitals and their premier houses for years. But Maggie Norris stands alone as one of the few Americans to step into the realm of haute...
  6. Neckties made with two-piece, seven-fold construction or silk sewn with 24-karat gold thread are often regarded as the ultimate, but Italian tie maker Tino Cosma has introduced something even more...
  7. Most concealable holsters and shoulder rigs are utilitarian products made for law enforcement, accessories that will definitely clash with your handmade superfine wool suit. However, Galco...