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  1. One of the few female custom shoemakers in the world, Olga Berluti plies her craft in a wonderfully ornate atelier in the Marais district of Paris, several blocks away from Rue Marbeuf, where the 115...
  2. George Cleverley was an early-20th-century master shoemaker known for creating the chiseled square toe that is still this London-based bespoke footwear maker’s signature. Although the company’s...
  3. Although the Lobb family sold its French operation and the worldwide rights (excluding England) to its name to Paris-based Hermès in 1976, the agreement did not include the original Lobb workshop on...
  4. Two elements—the figure-eight-shape undersole and the finest blemish-free leather—distinguish John Lobb’s French-made footwear from those of most other shoemakers. The company prides itself on using...
  5. Primarily a suit maker, Isaia gingerly stepped into the sportswear arena a decade ago and has slowly evolved this portion of the collection so that it now represents a whopping 30 percent of the...
  6. The Canali family has been producing lightweight jackets, knitwear, sport shirts, casual trousers, and other sportswear items for years. But it wasn’t until the Milanese clothier launched its...
  7. Brioni is perhaps the most widely recognized men’s tailored clothing brand in the world, and for good reason. The Italian clothier practically invented the term “power suit” with its strong-...
  8. Ralph Lauren has always displayed an aura of class and luxury, personified through images of country-estate living and black-tie affairs. But it wasn’t until Lauren introduced his upscale Purple...
  9. Bright color and bold patterns, often considered vulgar in the world of luxury, are rendered both beautiful and wearable in the hands of Kean Etro, the Italian designer who single-handedly started a...
  10. Giorgio Armani literally redefined the look in men’s tailored clothing when he first paraded his slouchy, soft shouldered suits down the runway in the 1970s. Less than a decade later he was doing the...