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Search results

  1. Stefano Ricci (212.371.3901, ) sportswear stands out for its inventive mix of materials and key pieces. 2nd from Left : Cashmere bomber jacket with silk lining and mink collar,...
  2. Hermès (800.441.4488, ) proves it is more than just an accessories house, with menswear that delivers style and performance. 2nd from Right: Waterproof cashmere trench coat, cashmere...
  3. Canali (212.767.0205, ) remains a must-have for its broad range of fabrics and colors, and practical silhouettes. Far Right: Cashmere bomber jacket with mink collar, $2,995, and cotton...
  4. Brunello Cucinelli (212.813.0900, ) continues to set the standard for luxurious sportswear, be it denim or cashmere. Far left: Cashmere-and-wool peacoat, $4,495, cashmere-and...
  5. Tardini (212.246.0085, ) offers one of the best-made alligator dress shoes. The inventive designer even created casual alligator-and-suede sneakers. Far Right: Shiny...
  6. George Cleverley (310.289.0008, ) creates new shapes and details for his growing collection. 2nd from Right: Reuben antique calf wingtips, $850.
  7. John Lobb’s (212.888.9797, ) new “by request” service offers more custom options. 2nd from Left: Redmire one-buckle leather shoes, $1,660.
  8. Silvano Lattanzi (212.734.2962, ) artistically combines fashion and innovation with old-world craftsmanship. Far Left: Alligator shoes, $14,500.
  9. Olga Berluti is the kind of talented footwear designer who can reinvent the classics simply by changing the materials and finishes. The fourth-generation French shoemaker did just that this year with...
  10. Cesare Attolini (212.246.0085, ) continues to create unconstructed jackets with a fit like none other. 2nd from Right : Wool flannel windowpane suit, $6,400, tie, $250,...