From small boutiques to stylish restaurants, discover what these fashion capitals have to offer…
The men’s Spring Summer 2017 looks included tawny leather jackets, ocean-blue separates, and pops of sunny yellow
The iconic French fashion house debuted a range of refreshing new designs in the City of Angels…

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  1. When the 80-year-old Swedish shirtmaker Eton ( ) opened its first U.S. store earlier this year, at New York’s Plaza Hotel, it offered some big men immediate gratification: The...
  2. Only a handful of stores and tailors construct bespoke suits of the highest quality—suits tailored to fit the client like a second skin. This deficiency in the marketplace contributes to what Italian...
  3. Hamilton, the 125-year-old American custom shirtmaker, is offering its clients exclusive access to a collection of 1,000 exceptional fabrics through a newly formed partnership with Thomas Mason,...
  4. London’s Savile Row is known for its tailored clothing, not cycling gear. So when Rapha, the British brand known for its premium cycling clothing, approached bespoke tailor Timothy Everest about...
  5. Kiton is introducing a brand of clothing to the U.S. that can best be classified as Kiton Light. The company’s Sartorio label, purchased from Italian suit maker Attolini in 2002 and available up...
  6. The greyhound became part of the logo for Italian fashion house Trussardi in 1973, giving the brand a symbol of agility, elegance, and drive. Now, the sleek canine insignia is the focus of new...
  7. More than a century ago, the British luggage maker Globe-Trotter helped revolutionize travel cases with the introduction of paper-based Vulcan fiber while its competitors were still making their...
  8. A fashion devotee, Ernesto Piano appreciates being able to tie various knots — from the conventional four-in-hand and half-Windsor to a full Windsor and the Italian Vismara double knot — in order to...
  9. John Carnera and George Glasgow of G.J. Cleverley made headlines in the early 1990s when the British bespoke shoemakers acquired a cache of Russian reindeer hides at auction that had been resting in...
  10. For the optimum fit and comfort, undoubtedly a custom-made suit is the first choice. But, if you're short on time or simply have a body type that doesn't require special-fit needs, a made-to-measure...