From small boutiques to stylish restaurants, discover what these fashion capitals have to offer…
The men’s Spring Summer 2017 looks included tawny leather jackets, ocean-blue separates, and pops of sunny yellow
The iconic French fashion house debuted a range of refreshing new designs in the City of Angels…

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  1. Edward Green’s new Top Drawer shoe collection ( ) is made-to-order, as opposed to fully bespoke, but a pair still takes six to seven months to complete. Why the wait? The British...
  2. George Cleverley began making men’s footwear in Edwardian London and opened his signature company in London in 1958. When he died 33 years later he passed the use of his name and the wooden lasts...
  3. Suit makers have been touting the benefits of cashmere sport coats for decades, but now Scabal, the Belgian cloth maker, has made cashmere acceptable for suit making as well with the creation of...
  4. In 1903, German drugstore owner Hans Schwarzkopf created a special powder formula that became the world’s first shampoo. It would be another 24 years before the same inventor would create the liquid...
  5. Isaia’s new flagship store on the fashionable Via Pietro Verri in Milan, Italy, offers more than just its stylish Neopolitan menswear. It’s a lifestyle emporium that reflects the personality and...
  6. Following in the footsteps of Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo, Rickard Shah has, over the past decade, slowly attracted an A-list Hollywood clientele for its sexy stilettos. Now the Italian footwear...
  7. Although the popular image of the briefcase may be a bit staid and conventional, the briefcase itself remains as essential a part of any executive’s accoutrements as the latest model of BlackBerry or...
  8. Loro Piana now offers the world’s first 100 percent cashmere carpeting. Called One Step to Heaven and priced at approximately $178 per square foot, it is part of the new Loro Piana Interiors...
  9. Somewhere in the Altai Mountains of Outer Mongolia, Pier Luigi Loro Piana and an army of rifle-toting security guards have reached their destination. Their caravan of jeeps has traveled for 15 hours...
  10. Fashion leaders share their favorite apparel and accessories for spring, including a bright gingham jacket and sleek loafers—pieces that can update a classic look or serve as the building blocks of a...