P. Johnson
The new collection from P. Johnson brings the Land Down Under’s laid-back attitude to bespoke tailoring…
Corthay Arca Shoes ($1,750)
The ultimate guide to keeping your shoes looking like new from the footwear fanatic behind Leffot…

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  1. Daring Duffels. Once relegated to the locker room, the duffel bag has emerged in versions that serve as tasteful travel carry-ons or computer bags. In deference to their freshly elevated status, the...
  2. Singular Style. To help their clients dress from head to toe in a comprehensive style, menswear designers are crafting ever-expanding ranges of unique and personalized accessories that complement...
  3. Steven Taffel wants you to stop suppressing your footwear fetish. "Men enjoy great shoes as much as women do; they just don’t talk about it," says Taffel, who recently opened Leffot ( www.leffot.com...
  4. For nearly a century, Ermenegildo Zegna has pioneered proprietary fabrics and technologies that have redefined modern menswear. In 2006, Zegna Sport debuted the iJacket, which boasts a built-in touch...
  5. Although Italian sportswear designer Brunello Cucinelli only recently announced plans to launch his first men’s tailored clothing collection for spring 2009, his distinctive style has subtly...
  6. Italy’s Tardini family has a long-held passion for cold-blooded creatures—or, at least, for the hides of one in particular: Alligator mississippiensis. Yet Giuseppe Tardini’s pursuit of perfect skins...
  7. Pedestrian Perfection. In his quest to redefine men’s footwear, Italian accessories designer Cesare Paciotti created perhaps this season’s most intriguing hybrid—a cap-toe dress shoe with a high-top...
  8. Contributing fashion director Joseph DeAcetis produced the annual fall fashion section in this month’s issue. "We wanted to reflect the changing attitudes of American men today," says DeAcetis, who...
  9. When d’Avenza relaunched its illustrious label this year after more than a decade’s absence from U.S. stores, the upscale Italian suitmaker did so with just three jacket styles: the British Warm, the...
  10. Domenico Vacca is a colorful individual: When he opened his signature store next door to Cipriani in Manhattan in May 2002, he aimed to offer American men the opportunity to own the same handmade,...