Corthay Arca Shoes ($1,750)
The ultimate guide to keeping your shoes looking like new from the footwear fanatic behind Leffot…
Form meets function with five high-design windbreakers from brands like Prada and Ralph Lauren…

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  1. Every golfer worth a darn uses clubs personally fitted for size, shape, and swing angle. Now the customization trend has finally arrived in footwear. We are not talking about shoes made from the...
  2. Menswear designer and avid golfer Luciano Barbera criticized the colorful, casual clothing that had come to define golfwear a decade ago, suggesting that a proper gentleman would not wear anything...
  3. Martin Carstarphen has spent the last five years investing his money, time, and talent in reintroducing genuine Sea Island cotton to the lexicon of luxury fashion. The silky 300-year-old fiber...
  4. The creations for the human foot from Silvano Lattanzi, the master of Italian shoemaking, display a brilliant palette of hues drawn from his observations and travels. Whether it’s the inner fire of a...
  5. Valerie Louthan’s baby-skin-soft Scottish-made men’s sweaters are made from more than mere cashmere. Her classic designs use the fine underhair carefully combed from three to four Mongolian goats for...
  6. While many perfumers have ventured into the realm of bespoke fragrances, London’s Creative Perfumers goes one step further by describing itself as haute couture. Creative Perfumers is the brainchild...
  7. Liana Lee’s (212.588.9289) pillbox-sized men’s haberdashery on New York’s Lexington Avenue is stocked with shagreen cigar boxes, jeweled cuff links, handmade cotton dress shirts, and silk sleepwear,...
  8. Entrepreneurs Jamie Davidson and Padgett Mangan have Winston Churchill to thank for the success of their recently launched Normandy & Monroe windbreakers. After all, it was the former British...
  9. Now that jewelers have brought yellow gold back into vogue, eyewear designers are catching yellow fever, too. Richard Morgenthal, owner and head designer of New York City’s Morgenthal-Frederics (888...
  10. Five years ago, some of Neiman Marcus’ best customers gathered in the third-floor men’s department at the Beverly Hills store for what could have been a routine Brioni trunk show. But rather than...