Four ways to sport the stacked bracelet look…
Rihanna Loves Chopard Collection
Eclectic new jewelry showcases the singer’s artistic range…

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  1. The bracelet shown above exemplifies the unconventional jewelry designs of Luz Camino (available at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan, 212.872.2578). To make this one-of-a-kind, $42,200 piece, she paired...
  2. At a London auction in December, Laurence Graff—the founder of Graff Diamonds International—paid about $25 million for the 300-year-old Wittelsbach diamond, a 35.56-carat grayish-blue stone once...
  3. A dark, cavernous main floor; a stark white salon festooned with ostrich feathers; illuminated cracked-glass walls; and kaleidoscopic light shows emanating from the windows at night are not features...
  4. Fascinated by the chimera of Greek mythology, Louis Cartier—a scion of the French jewelry house—commissioned in 1922 a jeweled bangle carved from coral in the shape of a two-headed version of the...
  5. Two exceptionally rare colored diamonds will be the highlights of Christie’s New York Jewelry Sale ( www.christies?.com ) on October 15 in Manhattan. The stones—a 7.02-carat intense blue diamond and...
  6. In the late 1950s, an expert at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)—the world’s leading nonprofit institute devoted to gemological research and education—graded an unusual green diamond. After...
  7. Jewelry designer Nina Runsdorf (212.382.1243) scours the diamond market for nontraditional stones—thin slices or rough rocks—that give her pieces a modern look. "Organic-looking diamonds lend...
  8. Parisian Lydia Courteille’s career as a jewelry designer began with the purchase of a temperamental antique watch that would frequently stop, requiring her to return repeatedly to the dealer to have...
  9. De Beers, the mastermind behind diamond marketing for the past century, intends to change the way we value this coveted stone. The company’s latest creation, inspired by ancient Egypt’s Queen...
  10. "You never know what’s inside a geode until you crack it open," says jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald ( ; available at Bergdorf Goodman, 212.?753.7300 ). "Each rock is so...