Fernando Jorge Algae pendant with pink quartz and tourmaline
The Brazilian jewelry designer describes his latest creations and an unusual color palette for summer…
Four ways to sport the stacked bracelet look…

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  1. The custom of offering a diamond ring at betrothal dates to 15th-century Europe, and just as the nature of love and marriage has evolved over the centuries, so, too, have diamond jewels. What better...
  2. The anxiety becomes palpable in the city of Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Burma), each March and November, when Asian stone dealers convene for the government-run auctions of rough jadeite. The sales...
  3. Thirteen years ago, I went to The St. Regis in New York City to meet with a woman of great style, to whom I had been introduced some months earlier. This was not, however, a romantic liaison, but...
  4. It is easy to walk right past the Gioia jewelry salon on New York’s Park Avenue without giving it a second glance. There are no tantalizing display windows to gaze into, no open doorway offering a...
  5. Francis Mertens contends that you cannot create truly innovative designs if you try to make them from traditional precious metals. "Gold and platinum are heavy and thus limiting in what you can make...
  6. Kwiat, a Polish surname that is pronounced "kwee-ot," might not be a marketing firm’s preference for a brand moniker, but the Kwiat family is understandably attached to it. Though hardly a household...
  7. “Collecting rare, colored diamonds is like building an art collection,” says Thierry Chaunu, president and chief operating officer of Leviev. “One incredible painting on the wall is not enough, just...
  8. Cartier recently invited Italian designer Ettore Sottsass to comb through the 1,200 watches, clocks, pens, bracelets, rings, and necklaces in its corporate collection and select items that appealed...
  9. Only a truly incredible stone is given a name to mark its place in gemological history. Two years ago, a miner in Sri Lanka uncovered such a gem, a 600-plus-carat sapphire. Bulgari purchased the raw...
  10. At the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, artisans competed for awards that would proclaim their creations the finest examples of their respective...