These eight floral designs may just outshine the summer sun…
Photo by Lisa Charles Watson, Styling by Charles W. Bumgardner
The jewelry of L.A.-based Spinelli Kilcollin is gaining admirers…

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  1. This doctor-turned-jeweler creates artistic one-of-a-kind pearl and gemstone creations. Trusso, who makes most pieces himself, transforms his garden blooms into lifelike jewelry in enamel, gemstones...
  2. Once known as the diamond jeweler to celebrities and high-profile musicians, Jacob is now a genuine force dealing in important diamonds. His range includes large diamond pieces and more refined...
  3. The fourth-generation diamond house has evolved from a behind-the-scenes stone trader to a brand name offering classical diamond jewelry with a stylish edge. Signature Style: Elegant, feminine, and...
  4. This British designer creates innovative, bold, colorful pieces. Signature Style: Crystal Haze, which layers colorful gemstones with faceted crystals to create a mystical quality.
  5. The legendary fashion house has earned the status of a high-jewelry house with its innovative use of traditional diamonds, pearls, and gold in designs that are edgy, but at the same time fashionable...
  6. When the man behind de Grisogono, Fawaz Gruosi, introduced his striking black diamond jewelry combined with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and white diamonds, industry veterans called him crazy. “...
  7. In London, Moussaieff is a destination for elaborate diamond and gemstone jewelry, including an exceptional selection of rare colored diamonds. In 2006, the family jeweler opened a second London...
  8. The jewelry house creates feminine, fashionable, and decidedly French-style fine jewelry. Among its greatest achievements is the invention of the “mystery” setting featuring diamonds, rubies, and...
  9. Established in 1847, the legendary French jeweler draws upon its rich, storied past for inspiration today. Credited as the most influential jewelers of the Art Deco period, the Cartier brothers...
  10. Known for his collection of rarefied estate jewelry, Lee Siegelson of Siegelson is not concerned with a jewel’s provenance, signature, or commercial appeal; he selects pieces solely for their beauty...