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  1. Cuff links are one of the few accessories that allow you to express some individual style and provide a glimpse of your taste
  2. The private jewelry salon Martin Katz has been one of the best-kept secrets among celebrities and socialites—until now. The elite antique jeweler recently opened its first storefront on Brighton Way...
  3. While watching a nature documentary on television, Michael and his fiancée, Jill, learned that zebra mates are inseparable. The San Antonio, Texas, couple, who were planning a wedding in Tuscany,...
  4. The heart is the classic symbol of love, making it an enduring—yet often mundane—jewelry motif. But in the hands of the world’s most skilled jewelers, the conventional heart is transformed into...
  5. Parked beside the cream clapboard colonial building that houses Linney’s pearl emporium in Broome, Australia, proprietor Bill Reed’s Mercedes M-Class stands out from the array of dented Land Rovers...
  6. “Shiny gold is for peasants!” declares Roman jeweler Massimo Maria Melis. To illustrate his point, he hands me a heavy gold chain set with a patinated ancient Roman coin. The links glow, radiating a...
  7. Jewelry can go in and out of fashion almost as fast as women’s clothing, which often means that dated pieces are retired into rarely opened drawers and forgotten. But Brazilian jeweler H. Stern...
  8. Christie’s does not auction ancient jewelry every day. To be precise, it holds just one sale a year that focuses on rings, bracelets, necklaces, and precious items forged by members of the Roman,...
  9. Only one. That is the essence of a masterpiece. A celebrated painting or sculpture can surely be copied, but those reproductions can never quite capture the precise aura of the original. Even the...
  10. London is a key destination this season for jewelry collectors and devotées who would not miss a rare opportunity to view the work of the very private Parisian jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal, also...