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  1. Since 1852, India’s Kasliwal family has adorned maharajas as well as European and Middle Eastern royalty with opulent jewels crafted at its Gem Palace of Jaipur. In November, the family-owned company...
  2. Jewelry designer Renee Lewis offers a simple explanation for why she appoints her elaborate designs with only antique diamonds, most of which were cut prior to the invention of the light bulb. “I...
  3. Even a piece as voluptuous as the diamond-covered butterfly brooch that Lina Fanourakis recently sculpted manages to exhibit the understated character that defines her work. The gold from which...
  4. Ten years ago, opal dealer Mark Tremonti heard that an exceedingly rare black opal had been unearthed in Lightning Ridge, the remote mining region in the Australian Outback. He quickly flew to the...
  5. Most mornings, brothers Christoph and Georg Wellendorff walk together along the winding, tree-lined streets of Pforzheim, Germany.
  6. During what was supposed to be a routine gem deal in Brazil in 1989, miner Heitor Barbosa emptied the contents of his bag onto the table in front of gem dealer Marcelo Bernardes and spread out about...
  7. “Do you want to see magic?” asks jewelry designer John Hardy as he reaches deep into his pocket and pulls out a vibrant orange rock the size of a large grape. The nearly translucent stone radiates...
  8. Only the cognoscenti are aware that the venerable British crown jeweler Garrard has opened its first American salon—signage is limited to a discreet nameplate on the doorbell at 133 Spring St. in the...
  9. From powder to fuchsia, pink is the color of the moment in fashion and accessories. But with fine jewelry, pink is both au courant and classic. While viewing the world through rose-colored glasses,...
  10. When a Park Avenue socialite grew disenchanted with her multimillion-dollar collection of jewelry, most of which sat dormant in a vault, she turned to Alexandra Kindler-Mulitz for guidance. As a...