Fernando Jorge Algae pendant with pink quartz and tourmaline
The Brazilian jewelry designer describes his latest creations and an unusual color palette for summer…
Four ways to sport the stacked bracelet look…

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  1. Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof pairs his elaborate, jeweled sculptures with timekeeping mechanisms in a manner that preserves uncluttered pedestals for the artworks. Among his new wristwatches is one...
  2. In September, at his Salt Lake City shop, Daniel Paillasseur will display the black diamond for which he named his jewelry brand, Korloff ( www.korloff.fr ). Paillasseur had viewed the then-110-carat...
  3. At last fall’s Paris Biennale, Cartier (800.227.8437, www.cartier.com ) unveiled its latest high-jewelry collection, which reinterprets some of the jewelry house’s famous designs from the first half...
  4. Golden South Sea pearls are prized for their extreme rarity; no more than 2 percent of the pearls produced by gold-lipped oysters near Indonesia and the Philippines exhibit the rich yellow color...
  5. Hemmerle Once he had what he wanted, Stefan Hemmerle abruptly left the convention center hosting February’s annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show and jumped into the back seat of his rental car. There...
  6. Les Perles de Chanel While she was dancing the Charleston one night in 1925, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel broke her opera-length strand of pearls, scattering the gems across the dance floor. According to...
  7. The ethereal diamond creations of Carnet by Michelle Ong (+852.2805.0113, www.carnetjewellery.com ) command attention without overpowering the wearer. “Some women feel like they have to suffer to...
  8. Graff Using only magnifying loupes and their intuition, diamond mogul Laurence Graff and his top gemologists spent two hours assessing the value of a newly discovered 603-carat rough diamond last...
  9. While he was a gem buyer for Tiffany & Co., Harry Platt presumably was not easily impressed by a stone’s beauty. But when a Tanzanian gemologist presented him with a newly discovered deep royal...
  10. In the inner circles of the rarefied jewelry realm, she is known simply as Mrs. M., a mysterious moniker that suits a fiercely competitive buyer and seller of some of the world’s most expensive...