Here’s where the smart money should be spent at one of Geneva’s biggest watch auctions of 2017…
HYT H0 Silver
HYT hands over their latest mechanical gem with fluid hour indication for us to take a closer look…

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  1. It is a long-standing tradition in the watch industry for established companies to grouse about the encroachments of newer brands, particularly when those brands come from outside the insular Swiss...
  2. The $260,000 Tirion Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde ( ) introduces the watchmaker’s first-ever minute repeater—which chimes hours, quarter hours, and minutes—along with Milus’...
  3. In describing DeLaneau’s new Madison Avenue boutique, company CEO Cristina Wendt-Thévenaz prefers not to stress the fact that it will be the only watch store in New York City that caters exclusively...
  4. THE GIFT His and her one-of-a-kind Van Cleef & Arpels watches designed to tell the story of a couple’s romance. A long weekend for two in Paris and Geneva, including first-class airfare,...
  5. Geneva’s Roger Dubuis is now employing the latest micro-mechanical technology, but not in the way you might think. The interior of the company’s newest Excalibur 45mm Chronograph ($51,900) is a...
  6. Wine writers have hailed 2005 as one of the best vintages of French Bordeaux in decades, if not longer. After maturing such exceptional wine, the 200-year-old oak casks used to age Château Latour...
  7. With its parent company Richemont’s acquisition of Geneva manufacture Roger Dubuis in 2008, Cartier leveraged the facility’s location by adding workshops that enabled the Paris brand to attain the...
  8. Maximilian Büsser & Friends’ Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt (HM4) is unusual but not unexpected: Outlandish designs are precisely what propelled Büsser’s 5-year-old brand ( )...
  9. The delicately feminine Dame de Pressy ( ) ladies watch is not as great a departure as it might appear to be for DeWitt, a company known for its bold, technically complex timepieces...
  10. OriginTimes has the perfect winder for the new Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport watch ("The Super Car to Watch,")—and 15 other timepieces. The $98,500 Big Block Winder ( ) is...