Is green slowly becoming the new blue of the watch world?...
The auction is a great indicator that the collector market is still strong, and buyers’ tastes continue to diversify…

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  1. Watches with flamboyant dials suggesting a distinct flavor of yesteryear have become so popular that they are as much the province of marketing directors as designers. But at Dubey &...
  2. René Beyer, the 40-year-old CEO and president of Chronometrie Beyer, cannot pinpoint the year, but it was sometime during the fall of 2000 or 2001 when his late father, Theodor, asked to meet him in...
  3. As Audemars Piguet advances mechanical watchmaking, the Le Brassus manufacture quietly continues to practice its established métier in jewelry watches.
  4. George-Henri Meylan, Audemars Piguet’s mild-mannered CEO, says he never intended to supplant traditional Swiss design when he tasked the watchmakers at complication specialty house Renaud et Papi (in...
  5. A custom skeleton Tecnica timepiece from Swiss watchmaker Michel Parmigiani. Three limited-edition Kalpa skeleton watches, two of which mark Parmigiani’s 30th anniversary as an independent watchmaker...
  6. There is a certain threshold at which an addict can no longer deny or camouflage his compulsion. For watch collectors, that moment of clarity comes when they can almost feel their poor, neglected...
  7. Any watch’s ultimate purpose is to tell the time of day, but an obviously unbridgeable gulf exists between a mass-market-manufactured Timex and the expertly handcrafted mechanics of a Patek Philippe...
  8. With histories that are measured in centuries, venerable brands Patek Philippe and Girard-Perregaux can easily justify having their own museums. But Officine Panerai? Some might say a museum is a bit...
  9. Watch connoisseurs who want to safeguard their collections more effectively might consider borrowing a trick from Mother Nature: camouflage. Boreas and Atlas, two steel safes made by Stockinger ( www...
  10. Döttling Luxury Safes ( ), which restores antique safes while adding such features as wet bars, humidors, and gun cabinets, now offers models for watch collectors. Prices...