Jaguar and Bentley are among the marques charging ahead on all-electric cars and concepts…
The Callaway Corvette Aerowagen Shooting Brake
The performance package gives the car 757 hp and a rear hatch…

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  1. Museum Row along the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles is home to the Petersen Automotive Museum, which will host a slew of supercars, both classic and contemporary, from March 5 to October 16 during an...
  2. No Spare Change With the quiet demise of the previous XJ series, Jaguar’s Victorian era came to an end. The British carmaker has shed its prudish demeanor and stepped out with a new profile: long,...
  3. There are very few cars on the road today more handsome than the Jaguar XKR Convertible . Working from the 2009 model, designer Ian Callum added a deeper chin to the front, fender scoops to the jowls...
  4. Since the launch of the original XJ6 in 1968, Jaguar fanciers have regarded the XJ as one of the world’s sexiest sedans. For more than four decades, Sir William Lyons’ formal four-door aged...
  5. Feline Pedigree Soon after the first E-Type Jaguar was unveiled in 1961, the car with the cat quickly became known as the embodiment of grace and pace, as well as the purveyor of not a little bit of...
  6. The redesigned Jaguar XJ ( ) looks young and stylish—just like the type of person who is apparently supposed to drive it. At a July unveiling event in London, Jaguar appeared intent on...
  7. Saving Grace The XF represents Jaguar’s road back from perdition. It may even be the brand’s salvation after Ford fumbled with the company for 18 years and left its once-?elegant stable of cars as a...
  8. Gently prod the start button and it glows red, then pulses, like a beating heart. Touch it again and the overture becomes a performance as the cushioned explosion of a big V-8 smoothes into a grumble...
  9. Jaguar’s S-Type hasn’t exactly crumbled the competition, nor has it become lodged among our longings. To be fair, since its 1999 introduction this more-or-less midsize sedan, with a ready-made...
  10. Lines and Redlines If only for its dramatic lines and exquisite proportions, any coupe or convertible in the Jaguar XK lineup would be the pick of the British carmaker’s litter. While today’s XK...