Photo by Petrolicious
See John von Neumann’s 625/250 TRC Ferrari here…
While not as large as some of its continental compatriots, the show was big on new debuts and technology…

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  1. The limited-edition CTS-V Wagon is nearly as audacious as a Corvette hearse and faster than almost anything on the road. Built on the platform of Cadillac’s wildly entertaining CTS-Vsedan and...
  2. The most remarkable thing about the Lexus LFA ( ) is not that it is extremely quick (202 mph), very expensive ($375,000), or exceedingly exclusive (only 500 will be built), but that it...
  3. If the Ferrari 458 Italia represents a revolutionary development on the part of its maker, then the Porsche 911 Turbo S ( ) proves that an antithetical, evolutionary approach to...
  4. The phrase "less is more" might not serve well as a sales pitch to the typical supercar shopper, but it is the principle behind the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera (
  5. When our judging panel of nearly 50 readers selected the Ferrari 458 Italia as the 2011 Car of the Year with a landslide vote in Robb Report ’s March issue, the editors and writers who had the chance...
  6. Since its founders invented the motorcar 125 years ago, Mercedes-Benz has been tweaking and primping its vehicles ever closer to perfection. The Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG ( ) may well be...
  7. The Bentley Continental GT ( ) debuted in 2003, so it was high time for a second generation. The latest GT is entirely new, although it requires a discerning eye to notice the...
  8. The Audi TT RS ( ) , the high-performance variant of the cute TT model, embodies the spirit of the rally-racing cars with which the brand enjoyed so much success in the 1980s. The TT...
  9. Aston Martin focuses as much on the mood of motoring as it does on the mechanicals of its cars. The Vanquish, the DB9, and the DBS, for example, ride a little rough around the edges—as they should,...
  10. The only thing worse than going to a trade convention in Las Vegas is the indignity of flying a commercial airline to get there. The litany of horrors includes airport parking, TSA groping, an...