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  1. The internally flawless type IIa stone is one of the largest and rarest in existence.
  2. The antiquities dealer Les Enluminures will offer a large collection of biblical manuscripts.
  3. Standout items include a set of Wang Qi panel paintings expected to fetch as much as $700,000.
  4. The top posters at the January 22 annual auction could fetch upwards of $30,000 apiece.
  5. Their utility has waned, but tall-case clocks have retained their lofty stature.
  6. Fire! and other recent exhibitions signal a rise in contemporary ceramics.
  7. The lots include Carroll Shelby’s personal Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake, which previously fetched $5 million.
  8. The sale, called Daughter of History: Mary Soames and the Legacy of Churchill, will take place at Sotheby’s London on December 17.
  9. A shipwreck’s discovery could increase the demand for Arctic and Antarctic exploration relics.