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  1. The Oakland Athletics enjoyed a dynastic run of success in the 1970s, winning three World Series in a row.
  2. In 2006, Bonhams London introduced an annual auction as curious as the objects it proffered. Called Gentleman’s Library, the sale was packed with items one might find in a cultured Victorian’s...
  3. Bonhams attributes the high presale estimate in part to The Imitation Game, the recent film about Turing’s life.
  4. One of the finest car collections in the country is paring down.
  5. King John of Saxony commissioned a young Dresden coachbuilder to create a sweet town coach.
  6. “American Pie” topped the Billboard charts shortly after its 1971 release.
  7. The “Cynical Realism” movement emerged in the early 1990s.
  8. A British mathematician who died 60 years ago is having a celebrity moment.
  9. The internally flawless type IIa stone is one of the largest and rarest in existence.
  10. The antiquities dealer Les Enluminures will offer a large collection of biblical manuscripts.