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The goal is to eliminate all serious or fatal injuries by 2020…
The limited-edition rocket rolls out with 215 hp harnessed by top-tier electronics…

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  1. Jaguar’s S-Type hasn’t exactly crumbled the competition, nor has it become lodged among our longings. To be fair, since its 1999 introduction this more-or-less midsize sedan, with a ready-made...
  2. Lines and Redlines If only for its dramatic lines and exquisite proportions, any coupe or convertible in the Jaguar XK lineup would be the pick of the British carmaker’s litter. While today’s XK...
  3. When retooling the 2003 Jaguar XKR, Ford’s Premier Automotive Group knew enough to leave the Quick Change flawless exterior virtually untouched. Jaguar’s improvements were made where they were needed...
  4. Some see Jaguar’s latest as a lovely luxury grand tourer that is to the British manner born, with all of its breeding and provenance firmly intact. However, several of our judges equated the XKR with...
  5. The audacious alloy vents along its front fenders, the 20-inch alloy wheels, the bulge flowing smartly down the middle of the hood, and the pair of ominous large-bore exhaust pipes poking out from...
  6. Jaguar’s 2007 XK8, the latest in a decades-long line of ever-lithe athletes, has been under indictment since it was presented in its concept-car phase last spring. It had the same old oval grille...
  7. By that same quirk of time that seems to improve spaghetti sauce and lost love, an initially competent automobile is typically much better the second time around. Such is the case with the new Jaguar...
  8. Improvements to the Jaguar XJR are so impressive that they should have made this car a serious contender. Sadly, the modifications for 2004 are not readily apparent, and so the car stands as a...
  9. Ford and Jaguar continued to misfire on most cylinders last year. Ford posted losses of $1 billion, leading some Wall Street undertakers to suggest that this 100-year-old company that practically...
  10. Automotive archives are littered with immortal initials. Everyone from Mercedes in the 1920s to Jaguar in the ’30s to Crosley in the ’50s to Chevrolet and—if you will pardon the mention—Excalibur in...