Robert Ross reflects on his love of the 90-year-old motorcycle brand and picks his favorite models…
Controversial engine aside, find out how the new turbocharged Boxster compares to its predecessors…

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  1. The convertible version of Robb Report’s 2012 Car of the Year has arrived from Sant’Agata, Italy.
  2. Ronin Motorworks, a new Colorado-based motorcycle manufacturer, has reengineered a firearms company’s design exercise and put it into production.
  3. While super storm Sandy was hammering the East Coast and drenching rains were merging Venice with the Adriatic Sea last fall, similar weather was pounding Morocco into mud. Downpours of biblical...
  4. When Honda pulled the wraps off its luxury division in 1986, Acura ’s promise—“Precision Crafted Performance”—was as much a guiding principle as it was a marketing ploy. The flagship Legend was a...
  5. Barrett-Jackson auto auctions began humbly with a small charitable auto show in the 60s. Now, almost five decades later, the Scottsdale-based auction company hosts four highly anticipated shows...
  6. Even though Ferrari may not have invented the concept of the supercar, it deserves credit for keeping the flame alive with a succession of these limited-run exotics dating all the way back to the...
  7. Bentley has recharged its most iconic model, the Mulsanne, with a series of new features that serve modern business executives. From the backseat, two picnic tables designed for an iPad and wireless...
  8. The sexy mid-engine Alfa Romeo 4C that debuted at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is paving the way back to the United States for the iconic Italian marque. Measuring 157 inches overall on a 94-inch...
  9. 1958 Lotus Type 15 Lotus founder Colin Chapman established the company’s legacy by building cars according to his maxim, “To add speed, add lightness.” Instead of developing high-horsepower engines,...
  10. When prompted with a press of the throttle pedal, the new Maserati Quattroporte’s 524 hp twin-turbo V-8 spooled up quickly, just as the big sedan’s 4.6 zero-to-60-mph time suggests it would. My...