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  1. LoPresti’s single-prop flier, the Fury, is no shaky aerobatic bird, nor is it restricted in range or speed. Built with the nerves of a stunt plane and the brawn of a military fighter, this design is...
  2. Scheduled for delivery later this year, the Embraer Legacy 650 ( ) is an improvement on the Brazilian manufacturer’s already popular Legacy 600 aircraft. Beefier wings, additional...
  3. Fresh avionics can do a lot to revitalize an older but still airworthy airplane, and a new upgrade from Sierra Industries promises to get aging Cessna 210s back in the game. Thousands of the single-...
  4. The Dornier 328 seats 32 in its original airliner configuration, but now LiveJet, based in Indiana, has converted one to a 12-seat executive jet. For the bargain sale price of $8 million, the penny-...
  5. The concept of a personal jet is certainly a seductive one, but the reality has proved less thrilling. For years, aircraft manufacturers have struggled in vain to satisfy the market’s demand for a...
  6. Embraer, the Brazil-based builder of executive jets, now offers an upgraded version of its popular Legacy 600 model, with about an extra 600 miles of range. Priced at $29.5 million, the 650 mates the...
  7. The Flexjet 25 Jet Card program, which allows guests to customize the number of hours and type of aircraft that best meet their needs, has teamed with Olympic sponsor Jet Set Sports to offer a select...
  8. Consumer electronic gadgets have proved the popularity of an intuitive touch screen interface, and now that experience is available in Garmin’s G3000 system for light jets and turbo-props. Clunky...
  9. Yuneec International, a British company working in China, introduced the E430, the prototype of an electric aircraft that it plans to mass-produce for the global market. The appeal of the little two-...
  10. Helicopters may be perceived as a noisy and expensive way to travel, but they can go places that jets can’t--into the hearts of major cities, the tops of mountains, big backyards, and anywhere they...