Planes have played pivotal roles in some of the most indelible movie scenes: Cary Grant being chased by an N3N Canary in North by Northwest ,...
XB-1 Demonstrator
The company completed wind-tunnel testing and recently announced a partnership with Virgin Galactic…

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  1. A small company in Pennsylvania has been working for more than a decade to create a certified ready-to-fly version of the popular Seawind kit-built amphibian, and now they’re back at it after...
  2. Older aircraft are a bargain these days, but if the cockpit panel has old-style “steam gauge” instruments, it can be a challenge to upgrade to today’s fully integrated all-glass computerized gear. It...
  3. Private flight has certainly seen better years. In addition to fighting a recessionary headwind that has slowed the entire manufacturing sector, this particular industry has served as the media’s...
  4. The Dutch company Carver got mixed reviews recently when it staged a “first flight” of its Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) for a crowd of journalists and dignitaries. The aircraft that flew was...
  5. Blink, an air-taxi service in Europe using a fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang four-passenger jets, is now the first operator of its kind to offer a frequent-flyer program. Ten percent of the value of...
  6. Travelers arriving via private jet to the U.K. now can book a helicopter shuttle for a quick transfer to the Battersea heliport in central London. PremiAir launched the service in February, serving...
  7. Cabin comfort can make all the difference in whether you reach your destination jet-lagged or rested and ready for action. Roomy leather seats and stand-up space in which to move around help reduce...
  8. Flexjet Fractional Jet Ownership Program – For frequent flyers who want to travel on their own schedule and avoid the crowded public terminals, private aviation can't be beat. But...
  9. Flexjet 25 Jet Card Program – Jet cards are a popular option for travelers who want access to private jets without the commitment of ownership. The cost per hour usually works out...
  10. Although the wings of an airplane may seem purely utilitarian, like the tires on a car, they are, in fact, marvels of engineering and design. Even small tweaks can produce significant changes in...