The Airbus Pop.Up
Pop.Up can attach to a chassis and wheels for driving or a set of rotors for flying…
Pilatus PC-12 turboprops
Tradewind Aviation claims its $395 hop is an hour faster than the airlines’ flights…

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  1. There are many excellent helicopters that operate successfully from the decks of yachts. Yet there are a select few models that experts recommend over all others, in part because the companies that...
  2. Aviation consultants are a fairly new breed. Bill Quinn, a consultant based in Portsmouth, N.H., remembers that just a generation ago, people rarely used them. “Back then, a consultant was someone...
  3. For very practical reasons, aircraft interiors are made of light, durable materials that happen to be rather dull and utilitarian. As part of an ongoing collaboration with Aero Toy Store (ATS), an...
  4. The Gulfstream G650 ( ) soon will supplant the G550 as the company’s—if not the world’s—top-of-the-line business jet. The new aircraft, which is scheduled to make its maiden flight...
  5. FFor two years now, many of the aviation consultants who assist Robb Report (see page 369) have reported that the fast-growing fractional operator Bombardier Flexjet provides perhaps the best, most...
  6. Kenny Dichter estimates that he and his partner, Jesse Itzler, were kicked out of Richard Santulli’s office five or six times before the NetJets CEO agreed to let them sell hourly access to his fleet...
  7. In a cavernous, dimly lit room in an office building in Weymouth, Mass., dozens of people stare at a map projected on a bare wall. The map is covered with icons, each representing an aircraft...
  8. Since 1911, when Kansas farmer Clyde Cessna built a wood-and-fabric airplane and flew it from the Mississippi River to the Rockies—an aviation first—the company that he founded has built some of the...
  9. A mock-up of the spn, the upcoming light business jet from Grob Aerospace, displays one of the aircraft’s main attractions. The cabin, created by Porsche Design Studio, is unusually roomy for a light...
  10. Cirrus Design cofounder Dale Klapmeier says that when he thinks of the Cirrus SRS sport plane ( ), he envisions children pressed against an airport fence, dreaming about flying...