Pilatus PC-12 turboprops
Tradewind Aviation claims its $395 hop is an hour faster than the airlines’ flights…
Manhattan Airship
Embraer’s VP of interior design discusses the Manhattan Airship and the Hollywood Airship…

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  1. For intercontinental travel, the Boeing Business Jet remains the gold standard for private fliers seeking size, speed, and luxury. However, most business passengers travel shorter distances; they fly...
  2. “I’ll miss Concorde,” says Kevin Roberts, CEO worldwide of ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. “Speed is everything today, and Concorde gives you an extra day a week. I work in New York for a French...
  3. With its Citation Mustang, Cessna will offer business fliers one more reason to join the jet set. Like the other leading light jets—the Sino Swearingen SJ30-2 and the yet-to-be-completed Eclipse 500...
  4. Some people buy books online, others purchase clothes. A select few have raised the concept of online shopping to new altitudes. Take, for example, the San Francisco investment manager who pointed...
  5. The Hindenburg disaster notwithstanding, the zeppelin was not an ill-conceived airship. Though lumbering and leisurely as a mode of air travel, the Hindenburg’s accommodations included 25 two-berth...
  6. The 21st century has arrived, and science has yet to deliver the personal jet packs that have for so long populated the hackneyed predictions of futurists. However, David Carambat and his Louisiana...
  7. While cruising over the Bay Area at 22,000 feet, I key the mike button on the Bravo2, Mooney Airplane Co.’s new four-seater, and check on the conditions over Oakland, Calif. “Center, Mooney One...
  8. Several times a week, on clear, cloudless days, Martin Cutler peers down and chuckles at the phalanxes of cars and trucks choking the highways ringing greater Boston. If Cutler, an ophthalmologist,...
  9. Until someone discovers how to create a true H.G. Wells– style time machine, private business jets will have to do. Although the latest bird from Boeing or Bombardier will not transport you to the...
  10. During Boeing’s annual investors’ conference last May, Connexion by Boeing President Scott Carson clicked on several plasma screens to begin his videoconference with Ed Laase, the company’s system...