Purchasing a private jet is a special occasion, and Embraer Executive Jets treats it as such…
You could waste a lot of money on a plane if you’re not a good candidate for ownership…

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  1. For the globe-trotting traveler, the long legs of the G500 (introduced in 2002) can connect Los Angeles to Tokyo or London to Johannesburg without a stop. The quiet cabin stretches 50 feet, with four...
  2. This flight-card program offers 25 hours in your choice of aircraft from Flight Options' fleet. Prices start at $99,250 for the Hawker 400XP up to $183,625 to fly the Citation X, the fastest civilian...
  3. Embraer was building jets for regional airlines long before it entered the light-jet category in 2005 with the Phenom 100, and the airplane feels more like a downsized airliner than a beefed-up...
  4. The commercial version of this jet carries 100 passengers, but in the executive model, just 19 seats share the cabin. Five zones in the jet can hold hundreds of different configurations of dozens of...
  5. Derived from Embraer’s ERJ 135, the Legacy 600 was the company’s first executive jet, with nearly 200 now flying. Three seating areas in the roomy stand-up cabin provide options on long trips with...
  6. Diamond’s single-engine D-Jet has been flying in test mode for a few years now, but the track to certification has slowed as the program seeks millions more in investment. Diamond aims to provide a...
  7. Diamond’s five-seater promises to have the largest cabin of any single-engine piston airplane. Buyers can choose either the lightly pressurized Super Star version to go farther, faster, and higher,...
  8. Adding vertical fins to the end of each wing on the Falcon 2000LX is a minor adjustment that achieves major results. The carbon-fiber winglets improve the aircraft’s aerodynamic capability enough to...
  9. The Falcon 7X flies faster, farther, and higher than any of Dassault’s other Falcon models. BMW Group DesignworksUSA planned out the cabin with passenger comfort and productivity in mind—especially...
  10. Based in Van Nuys, California, this is the largest fleet of charter aircraft on the West Coast. Aircraft are also based in Seattle and Denver.