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  1. "They told me I wouldn’t last 10 years in this business," says Rakesh "Rocky" Patel, the Hollywood attorney who gave up his practice in the 1990s to create one of the most popular cigar brands in...
  2. At a major tobacco trade show recently, there was bustling excitement at the booths of Arturo Fuente, a company known for the quirk of exhibiting empty boxes and politely refusing to sign up new...
  3. Cigar making is traditionally a family affair, with multiple generations working together in the factories and on the farms. Padrón, maker of some of the most coveted cigars in the world, is no...
  4. Even back in the days when he was producing La Gloria Cubana, Ernesto Perez-Carrillowas not known for creating mild cigars. Now that he has established his own company, Perez-Carrillo maintains that...
  5. On April 17, 2009, Major League Baseball outfielder Gary Sheffield hit his 500thhome run. He then went on to score nine more homers before retiring from an illustrious career playing for eight...
  6. Like many in the cigar business, Carlos Fuente Jr. traces his lineage to Cuba. In 1912, his grandfather Arturo came from that country to Florida, where he founded what is now Tabacalera A. Fuente y...
  7. Mauricio Córdoba fidgets in his seat at a corner table of his cigar club. Ice cubes in his glass of ginger ale clink softly as he returns it to the white linen tablecloth, and for a moment he lets...
  8. Along with carts and clubs, a commonly encountered item on any golf course worth its greens fees is cigars. It seems most duffers cannot play their best game without one. But not just any cigar—it...
  9. Zino Davidoff demonstrated his independence in the summer of 1989, when the Cuban government demanded 51 percent ownership of his namesake cigar company. Zino responded by publicly burning 130,000 of...
  10. Like his designs for homes and restaurants, Genco Berk’s desktop humidors ( ) appear crisp, clean, and captivating. The interior designer and architect, who was born in...