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  1. Christie’s will host a sale for the ages on June 25 and 26 in London when the Madoura Pottery disperses its peerless collection of Pablo Picasso ceramics. The French workshop collaborated with...
  2. It might surprise some art aficionados to learn that the famous painting Boy Building a House of Cards by French artist Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin is part of a series of four works on the same...
  3. Ceramics and calligraphy—considered Japan’s most significant art mediums—traditionally have been male-dominated art forms, and only recently have women been allowed to pursue these areas of study and...
  4. Anthony Caro’s Pearl wasn’t plucked from an oyster. He sculpted it from brass and bronze in 2011, and it looks nothing like the marine gem. The unique $50,000 artwork should not linger long in the...
  5. On June 8 and 9, Beverly Hills–based celebrity and entertainment auction house Julien’s Auctions , in collaboration with the Les Paul Foundation, will offer a collection of memorabilia from the...
  6. Perry Rubenstein is inaugurating his Los Angeles gallery with a spectacular presentation—Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes—the first American showing of the exhibit since the photographer died in...
  7. On the afternoon of November 26, 1922, a small group descended a flight of 16 steps that led below ground to a plain stone-and-plaster wall bearing a seal. One of the men pried a stone loose and...
  8. After struggling for years as a fiction writer, Jonathan Kellerman struck gold with When the Bough Breaks, the first of his novels starring Los Angeles psychologist-turned-detective Alex Delaware...
  9. The Asian decorative art of maki-e is an ancient one, involving intricate designs created from thin layers of gold dust (or other metallic powder) coated in lacquer from an urushi tree. During the...
  10. Although Faber-Castell’s history spans more than 250 years, the German maker of pens and pencils continues to innovate. In recent years, it introduced the notable Graf von Faber-Castell line of high-...