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  1. Photo by Erik Karlsson
    A Swedish firearms maker that has produced limited-edition hunting rifles displaying design themes...
  2. Seattle-based sports equipment manufacturer K2 has produced top-of-the-line skis for the last four...
  3. Caps shaped liked a feminine neckline and engraved with the double-G royal monogram reference the...
  4. In the early 20th century, Japanese fountain pen maker Namiki was faced with a dilemma; merchants...
  5. Photo by Adriano Carafoli
    A 6-foot-by-4.5-foot, 330-pound atlas from Australian publisher Millennium House, Earth Platinum (...
  6. Photo by Jim Trotter
    The GIFT A set of five one-of-a-kind David Oscarson Harlequin pens, embellished with diamonds,...
  7. Photo by Crown Copyright/Historic Scotland
    The acceptance of certain gifts sometimes has unexpected consequences. The Scottish monarchy, for...
  8. In Frank Gehry’s world, it is a small landscape: a chunk of real estate approximately 40 square...
  9. The commander of the angels, the archangel Michael, appears on the barrel of the Tibaldi Sanctus...
  10. Photo by Florence McCall
    Unusual among book collectors because he did not grow up in a book-laden household, Dr. Gerald...