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  1. More than 3,000 furnishings and accessories from the Lanesborough hotel in London will hit the auction block starting December 9 in a five-day sale led by Pro Auction, based in Bath, England. The...
  2. A set of two bejeweled samurai-style swords, with woodwork by Salter Fine Cutlery and blades of tamahagane steel handmade and engraved by the acclaimed Japanese swordsmith Shigemitsu Ito.
  3. Jesse Loomis began to tire of snowboarding during the winter of 2008. He’d been riding boards for almost two decades, but as a father of three, he no longer took the same risks on the mountain that...
  4. Herb Harris vividly recalls days from his youth when he would watch, awestruck, as motorcyclists took to the open roads around his junior high school in Midland, Texas. “They were like gods swooping...
  5. Even before he began collecting vintage guitars, George Gruhn demonstrated a knack for spotting exceptional antique instruments. The first instance occurred in early 1962 when Gruhn, then a teenager...
  6. An archtop instrument made by John Monteleone makes anyone a guitar hero. To listen to music from one of John Monteleone’s archtop guitars is to hear tones as pure as they can be played. Their dulcet...
  7. After being out of print for almost four decades, the Zervos Picasso Catalogue —the authoritative reference on Pablo Picasso’s life work—will be available exclusively through Sotheby’s starting in...
  8. Tiffany table lamps—the stained-glass furnishings made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries at the New York design studio of Louis Comfort Tiffany—were never a bargain, says Ben Macklowe,...
  9. Since the creation of the first fountain pen 130 years ago, the writing-instrument industry has seen the rise and subsequent demise of countless manufacturers. The fickle market has been especially...
  10. No one likes a nuisance.As proof, consider Canada geese. Their behavior is so bad it has even affected demand for original plates (prints made from engravings) of John James Audubon’s depiction of...