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  1. This month, Britishart dealership Trinity House Paintings ,which has locations in London and Gloucestershire, will make its New York City debut with its new gallery on East 64th St. From October 20...
  2. Interior designer Muriel Brandolini will open her home to the public, in a manner of speaking, on October 8 with an installation of her personal furniture collection at Manhattan gallery Phillips de...
  3. Following the popular Property from the Collections of Lily and Edmond J. Safra auction in 2005, Sotheby’s is holding a second sale under the same title, with an estimated combined value of $40...
  4. One hundred and thirty artists will convene from September 17 to November 13 at the 12th Istanbul Biennial art exhibition, where they’ll explore the complex relationship between art and politics. The...
  5. Unusual among book collectors because he did not grow up in a book-laden household, Dr. Gerald Dorros also did not begin collecting until he was in his late 50s. But since starting in 2000, the...
  6. The cross-grained olive wood used in the Graf von Faber-Castell Elemento Collection ( ) references Faber-Castell’s origins as a family-owned pencil manufacturer. In 1761...
  7. Three generations of Atlanta’s Moulthrop family ( ) have yielded to the allure of wood turning. In the 1970s, after decades of hobbyist wood turning—a process that uses a...
  8. Winston Churchill was one of the most famous world leaders, but many don’t know that he was also a passionate artist. One of Churchill’s most notable works—a landscape painting called the “Tower of...
  9. Few people were as plugged into the art world of her day as the late Ileana Sonnabend, whose visionary collections are on display at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, through October...
  10. Last November, Peter Bainbridge, of Bainbridges, a small auction house in England, asked his audience to "welcome" a colorful 18th-century Chinese porcelain vase that had been discovered in a modest...