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  1. After more than a century, gramophones, phonographs, and cylinder players are prized as collectibles
  2. The luxury book publisher Assouline ended its 20th year on a high note.
  3. Word Play For 35 years, the television producer Ken Ehrlich has let his imagination run wild creating the annual Grammy Awards telecast. His inventiveness has brought viewers unforgettable “Grammy...
  4. The fifth and final release of a pen collection celebrating religions, the Visconti Al-Aqsa ( ) pays tribute to Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, which is located adjacent to the Al-Aqsa...
  5. Paul Gentile, the Canadian artist who created the one-of-a-kind Steinway White House Piano in Miniature ( mini.steinway​.com ), intended to make a second, but he was advised not to. That advice came...
  6. Each of sculptor John Elwell’s classic-car renderings is a singular work.
  7. McCune Design envisions the Turk.
  8. THE GIFT A collection of 14 Ernest Hemingway first editions from Juniper Books. Custom leather cases to house and protect the collection. $100,000 Ernest Hemingway first editions are among the books...
  9. The Gift A bespoke pen created specifically for the recipient by the designers at Curtis Australia. An exclusive tour of the Argyle Diamond Mine and Argyle Pink Diamonds cutting room. $1.2 Million...
  10. The Gift ​ An extremely rare 1943 copper Lincoln penny and an equally elusive 1944 steel Lincoln penny. Professional Coin Grading Service certifications for both coins. A Professional Numismatists...