Bang & Olufsen released the speaker in 2015 to commemorate its 90th anniversary...
Photo by Cordero Studios/
The Sennheiser Orpheus includes headphones, vacuum-tube amplification and onboard signal processing

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  1. The newest electronic gadgets are getting smaller and more efficient, but Andy Aaron still believes in the aesthetics and simplicity of an earlier era when people relied on a simple calculator. In...
  2. The 33-year-old German hi-fi manufacturer Burmester has gained a faithful following among audiophiles with such products as the recently introduced 089 CD player, which costs nearly $30,000. Last...
  3. Audiophiles who crave the classic sound of vacuum-tube amplifiers must usually sacrifice the power and precision that transistor amplifiers provide. Greek manufacturer Ypsilon Electronics created the...
  4. In May, Kaleidescape, a leading manufacturer of whole-home media storage and playback systems, entered into the realm of Blu-ray . With the new Kaleidescape M500 and M300 players , the Northern...
  5. Video projection is going through a revolution this year, thanks to a new breed of projectors that produce a superior picture while demanding nearly zero maintenance. These projectors use red, green...
  6. Whether your bathroom is elegant or over the top, the Séura Hydra waterproof TV can be styled to suit the surroundings. Séura offers the 19-inch TV in any color you like: The TV’s finish can be...
  7. The difficulty in developing audiophile-grade earbuds lies in creating a design compact enough to allow for optimal comfort without sacrificing the ability to reproduce audio in high fidelity. With...
  8. Six years ago, speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins upgraded top models in its famed 800 Series with tweeters made from solid diamond, grown in a laboratory to form a dome shape. The diamond...
  9. Martin Logan is famous for its sizable floor-standing electrostatic speakers, but the Lawrence, Kansas, manufacturer recently introduced a relatively compact home theater solution that has also begun...
  10. Only a few audio-video companies have braved the challenge of making a high-end Blu-ray Disc player. Marantz’s UD-9004 strikes us as one of the most elegant and accomplished of this rare breed. The...