Bang & Olufsen released the speaker in 2015 to commemorate its 90th anniversary...
Photo by Cordero Studios/
The Sennheiser Orpheus includes headphones, vacuum-tube amplification and onboard signal processing

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  1. The Meridian G91A DVD player/surround processor (404.344. 7111, ) combines the quality and elegance of high-end audio/video equipment with the simplicity and convenience of a...
  2. the concept behind the ribbon speaker is rather straightforward. A thin strip of conducting foil (the ribbon) is suspended between the poles of powerful magnets. The ribbon is secured at the top and...
  3. With the introduction of Blue Ocean, we may be witnessing the emergence of a new product category. The transparent acrylic screen is such a standout that it likely will silence any potential buzz...
  4. The progress of technology is driven by one very simple concept: Improve the experience. In much the same way that eight-track tapes gave way to cassettes, which gave way to compact discs,...
  5. Had Jules Verne lived in the audio age, Moth Audio would have powered his system. The massive retro-laboratory look of this exquisite modern gear is born from pure utility, including custom-blown,...
  6. Your get-together is a smashing success. The music is right, the wine is a hit, and guests mingle happily. Some spill into the media room to admire the 60-inch flat-panel screen that you’ve proudly...
  7. REPLAYTV 4320 has set itself apart from other digital video recorders by offering the most recording storage time (320 hours as opposed to TiVo’s 60), and by making it possible for you to send your...
  8. A subset of video processors is drawing attention from two disparate groups: videophiles, who are excited by even the slightest improvement in picture quality; and the rest of the world—people who...
  9. Giuseppe Zingali’s ( ) choice of the name Colosseum for his diminutive 5.1-channel system is not as ironic as it seems. The Roman manufacturer’s nod to his city’s most recognizable...
  10. You could find a more valuable picture frame—a rare antique or one fashioned from a precious metal—but none is as versatile as the $2,499 Digi-Frame DF-1710 ( ). The device can...