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  1. The new Samsung K5 digital audio player ( ) is unique among MP3 devices in that it can entertain both with and without earphones. Slide the halves of the case apart, and a diminutive...
  2. Suspend your judgment for a moment. U-vola, the bizarre-looking watermelon-shaped speaker from Italy, is not a passing gimmick. All of the design aspects—from the contoured shape to the steel wire...
  3. The latest controller in the Pronto family from Philips ( ) controls as many as 13 household systems—including A/V components as well as a home’s thermostat and security system...
  4. Home theater enthusiasts who read the American Film Institute’s (AFI) 1998 list of the 100 greatest movies ever made may be struck by how few of these films could exploit the capabilities of a top-...
  5. Sound Decisions Components that will make your music collection sing true. An audio system is only as good as the music’s source, and in the minds and ears of many audio purists, the best sound comes...
  6. Picture Perfect A secondary system that is first rate. Fashion, technical innovation, and performance may be equally important considerations when selecting an entertainment system for an office, a...
  7. Finally, this magazine has a reason to add some T+A to its pages. The German company, which, it should be noted, pronounces its name T plus A (an abbreviation for Theory plus Application), had been...
  8. Home-theater enthusiasts sometimes struggle to keep up with the technological tide—especially in audio, where a new latest-and-greatest format seems to emerge almost yearly. The Parasound Halo P7 7.1...
  9. Even some of the world’s finest hotel suites offer nothing more for the music lover than a mere clock radio. The Soundmatters Foxl portable audio system ensures that you enjoy high-quality sound...
  10. The Snell Acoustics Illusion reference tower loudspeaker represents the crowning achievement of Dr. Joseph D’Appolito, one of the world’s most famous and respected speaker designers. Evidence of D’...