Bang & Olufsen released the speaker in 2015 to commemorate its 90th anniversary...
Photo by Cordero Studios/
The Sennheiser Orpheus includes headphones, vacuum-tube amplification and onboard signal processing

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  1. In July, Danish camera manufacturer Phase One announced a new camera that will surely be one of the most highly sought after professional-grade digital cameras when it hits the market by the end of...
  2. Audio enthusiasts revere electrostatic speakers, even though the rest of humanity seems baffled by these tall but slender creations. The best-known proponent of electrostatic speakers is MartinLogan...
  3. Streaming MP3 music from a computer to multiple rooms of your home is easy—except that it requires a computer. Until now. With the Philips Streamium Wireless Music Center, no computer is necessary...
  4. When it comes to photography, Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad is the alpha and the omega. Originally established in the mid-19th century during the early developmental stages of the camera...
  5. The Krell Evolution 707 may represent the first truly high-end product designed to meet the technical demands of the dazzling new Blu-ray movie discs. The $30,000 Evolution 707 surround-sound...
  6. Although vacuum tubes fell out of favor with most audio manufacturers decades ago, enthusiasts still praise them for their warm, natural sound. McIntosh Labs’ MC2301 amplifier is surely the most...
  7. Wall-mounted flat-panel TVs look so sleek, it seems a shame to sully them with additional components. Kaleidescape seems to have had the flat-panel TV aesthetic in mind when it designed the...
  8. Proving worthy of the carmaker’s name, the Ferrari by Logic3 ( ) collection of headphones, earbuds, and speaker docks delivers high-quality audio reproduction. The $199...
  9. For over a decade, Germany’s AMG (for Analog Manufaktur Germany—no relation to the AMG branch of automaker Mercedes-Benz) has been providing specialized, high-tolerance parts for many of the world’s...
  10. A person who spends a reported $1.2 billion to build the world’s largest yacht is not likely to settle for second best. Eclipse —a Blohm & Voss boat that was delivered in 2010 and is still, at...