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Search results

  1. BeoLab 11 (Starting at approximately $2,000) Danish brand Bang & Olufsen is better known for its sense of style than for its audiophile appeal. B&O’s new subwoofer is certainly the most...
  2. XCS200 ($6,000 each) While McIntosh designed this loudspeaker as a center-channel supplement to be placed between a pair of XR200s, users can easily situate it vertically so that it may serve as a...
  3. Stella Utopia EM ($90,000 per pair) If the celebrated Focal brand name etched into the façade of this amazing floor-standing speaker does not entirely speak for its level of quality, its 2010 Best of...
  4. Reference II Series ($230 – $3,200) With legends such as the Klipschorn, La Scala, and Cornwall in its portfolio, this 64-year-old loudspeaker manufacturer needs no introduction. The new Reference II...
  5. Reference 3.5 ($6,000 per pair) At less than three feet tall, these striking loudspeakers from Anthony Gallo Acoustics pack a surprising punch. The speaker maker’s trademark cylindrical diaphragm...
  6. Niagra ($54,000 per pair) The top-of-the-line Niagra speaker from French manufacturer Waterfall Audio is a thing of audio and aesthetic beauty. Each speaker includes two separate enclosures, both of...
  7. Mythos XTR-50 ($700 each) These nifty little speakers from Def Tech are far from the most expensive items on our list. Their value, however, is unequivocal. Made for pairing with ultrathin on-wall...
  8. Motion Series ($200 – $1,500) While MartinLogan’s Motion Series speakers do not use the brand’s trademarked electrostatic technology, they do present a compact home- theater solution with levels of...
  9. MM-1 computer speakers ($500) Fans of compact, convenient, and stylish speakers who are not willing to sacrifice audio-reproduction quality are certainly familiar with Bower & Wilkins. The...
  10. Kingdom Royal (Approximately $55,000 per pair) U.K. speaker maker Tannoy announced its monstrous (265 pounds apiece) new flagship this year, the Kingdom Royal. These more-than four-foot-tall speakers...