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Search results

  1. GLA-55 ($1,000) This striking desktop speaker system, which, with its stereo mini-jack connector is best paired with a computer or iPod, has both audio and visual appeal. The outer shell, which is...
  2. Ethos ($6,495 per pair) Kansas-based electrostatic speaker manufacturer MartinLogan incorporated a number of innovations into its new Ethos models to improve the low-frequency response, while...
  3. Compact Reference ($37,000 per pair) This powerful little speaker model is the baby sister to Technical Audio Devices’ $70,000-per-pair flagship, the Reference One. The Compact Reference, or CR-1,...
  4. AVR-A100 ($2,500) No home audio/video system is complete without a receiver to distribute signals, and Denon’s 100th Anniversary Collection has 9.2 channels’ worth of connectivity to wheel and deal...
  5. ProVu P2 ($16,995) This NuVision projector employs an LED light source, which will last up to 20 years and use 40 percent less power than traditional mercury lamps. It offers throw lengths from 8 to...
  6. Grand Cinema C3X ($79,995) To generate a 3-D picture, this system from Italian manufacturer SIM2 uses dual three-chip digital-light processing projectors to deliver as many as 9,000 lumens. With...
  7. DCL-200FD ($25,000) Wolf Cinema’s projectors are frequent recipients of high praise, and the brand’s newest single-chip model, the DCL-200FD, is Wolf’s foray into LED lighting engines. Three liquid-...
  8. D-73D ($49,995) Video reproduction leader Runco pulled out all the stops with its new, top-of-the-line 3-D projector, the D-73D. Taking advantage of its Constant Stereoscopic Video architecture and...
  9. MEN220 ($4,500) This McIntosh two-channel room correction and equalization processor utilizes technology penned by the audio correction mastermind, Peter Lyngdorf. That technology, dubbed RoomPerfect...
  10. MX150 Audio/Video Control Center ($12,000) This 12-channel preamplifier is an absolutely ideal command center for any over-the-top home-theater installation. It pairs five HDMI audio/video inputs, an...