Louis Vuitton small wallet ($750
Louis Vuitton taps Jake and Dinos Chapman to put a wild spin on its classic monogram bags…
Mr Porter’s biggest capsule collection to date is an ode to Californian summers…

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  1. Since the iPad has become an essential electronic tool for many businesspeople, designer Domenico Vacca has created a stylish alligator iPad case available in 25 vibrant shades. “We have received...
  2. At first glance, the pieces in the Hermès Haute Bijouterie ( www.hermes.com ) jewelry collection appear modern and striking. A closer study reveals that the rings, necklaces, and bracelets also...
  3. In the winter of 2008, more than a year after he took over as chief executive officer of Kiton, Antonio De Matteis set out on a two-month European road trip to visit the continent’s better men’s...
  4. At the twilight of the 13th century, the city-state of Florence was a small and vulnerable republic surrounded by the superpowers of Milan, Venice, and Rome. Yet here in the heart of Tuscany, a small...
  5. Cuban-born, Florida-based tailor Ike Behar is well-known for his luxurious men’s dress shirts, particularly the brand’s upscale, Miami-made bespoke collection of featherweight sea island cottons...
  6. Edward VIII, the late Duke of Windsor, once offered that “brown in town should never been seen” in reference to the true gentleman’s wardrobe. Such looks, he intimated, should be limited to the...
  7. Twenty-five years ago, when Ralph Lauren converted Madison Avenue’s magnificent Rhinelander mansion—one of the last remaining turn-of-the-century grand homes in Manhattan—into his New York flagship...
  8. During his time, Henry Holland was known for wearing a particular caramel-and- beige nail-head tweed that, like the familiar tartan check at Burberry, ultimately became the signature cloth at Holland...
  9. Sven Götti, owner and designer of the eyewear firm Götti Switzerland in Wädenswil, Switzerland, reinterprets retro-style eyewear from the 1950s through the 1970s using high-tech treated materials for...
  10. When Randy Barnett wanted to replicate the long-discontinued plastic tortoiseshell eyeglass frames that he had been wearing for three decades, he could not find a source capable of creating an...