Mr Porter’s biggest capsule collection to date is an ode to Californian summers…
Six designs from Gucci, Ben Sherman, Zenith, and more that prove what’s old is new again…

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  1. The impeccably crafted shoes featured on these pages combine lean, sculpted silhouettes; captivating finishes; and subtle yet defining accents, which range from leather-wrapped shoelace tips to...
  2. Especially in these changing times, the well-heeled businessman turns to classic, exceptionally tailored suits for their incomparable construction, reassuring comfort, and enduring style. Yet those...
  3. Before he begins working over my shoulders, neck, and scalp with a pair of handheld vibrating gadgets that look like small steam irons, William Gornik—owner of the two Gornik & Drucker...
  4. Since he established his menswear business nearly four decades ago, Stefano Ricci has dreamed of opening a signature shop in Florence, Italy, his hometown and the birthplace of his brand; but the...
  5. Several years ago Alain Schimel, owner of the French brand Zilli, said he was focusing more design attention on shirts, ties, and leather accessories because such items are a natural stepping stone...
  6. On any Paris shop receipt, you’ll read the word merci (thank you). At the new concept store of Marie-France and Bernard Cohen (founders of Bonpoint), the word has additional purpose and meaning when...
  7. This fall, a handful of Arizona businessmen will board a flight to Chicago, where they will convene in a century-old oak-paneled boardroom outfitted with a concealed bar (a relic from the Prohibition...
  8. The sober monochromes of traditional business attire offer men few opportunities to express their individuality. Often, a gentleman’s only concession to personal style is his necktie—a sartorial...
  9. In addition to keeping you warm, the Zegna Sport Ecotech Solar Jacket ( ) by Ermenegildo Zegna can recharge your cell phone or iPod. The lightweight garment ($1,500), which is made...
  10. British shirt maker Thomas Pink unveiled a collection of specially treated cotton business shirts that are crease-resistant yet retain the brand’s signature soft, supple touch. Dubbed the Traveller,...