From sleek shoes to Steve McQueen’s iconic style, these were the top 10 style stories of the year…
Slip on your favorite pair of kicks and test your knowledge of shoe design, history, and more…

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Search results

  1. Hermès (800.441.4488, ) proves it is more than just an accessories house, with menswear that delivers style and performance. 2nd from Right: Waterproof cashmere trench coat, cashmere...
  2. Canali (212.767.0205, ) remains a must-have for its broad range of fabrics and colors, and practical silhouettes. Far Right: Cashmere bomber jacket with mink collar, $2,995, and cotton...
  3. Brunello Cucinelli (212.813.0900, ) continues to set the standard for luxurious sportswear, be it denim or cashmere. Far left: Cashmere-and-wool peacoat, $4,495, cashmere-and...
  4. Tardini (212.246.0085, ) offers one of the best-made alligator dress shoes. The inventive designer even created casual alligator-and-suede sneakers. Far Right: Shiny...
  5. George Cleverley (310.289.0008, ) creates new shapes and details for his growing collection. 2nd from Right: Reuben antique calf wingtips, $850.
  6. John Lobb’s (212.888.9797, ) new “by request” service offers more custom options. 2nd from Left: Redmire one-buckle leather shoes, $1,660.
  7. Silvano Lattanzi (212.734.2962, ) artistically combines fashion and innovation with old-world craftsmanship. Far Left: Alligator shoes, $14,500.
  8. Olga Berluti is the kind of talented footwear designer who can reinvent the classics simply by changing the materials and finishes. The fourth-generation French shoemaker did just that this year with...
  9. Cesare Attolini (212.246.0085, ) continues to create unconstructed jackets with a fit like none other. 2nd from Right : Wool flannel windowpane suit, $6,400, tie, $250,...
  10. Kiton ( ) , a master of handmade suits, offers a more structured, 1960s-style shoulder in its Cipa collection. Far Right : Cashmere-and-cotton suit, $7,295, shirt, $695, tie, $240, scarf...