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  1. Gucci’s new shoe trunk recalls an earlier era of transport.
  2. The new ski collection features the work of modern U.S. artists.
  3. The Italian tailoring house debuts the Alton suit for spring.
  4. The online retailer debuts a collection inspired by an upcoming Colin Firth film.
  5. New footwear debuts alongside the brand’s new men’s web series.
  6. The Gift A Dolce & Gabbana wardrobe, including three made-to-measure suits, three dress shirts, three neckties, a tuxedo ensemble (including a tuxedo shirt and tie), a dinner jacket, and a...
  7. Kilian Hennessy's signature fragrance, a trip to Paris, and scented necklaces
  8. Traditional camel hues exhibit the endurance of the dromedary itself. This warm color for cool seasons has enlivened wardrobe staples for generations, but this season, the timeless tint enhances some...
  9. The designer-dandy pairing that produced a special-edition subcompact car two years ago has teamed up again, this time to create a capsule collection of made-to-measure menswear. Lapo’s Wardrobe...
  10. An unforgettable signature design must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also immediately identifiable and able to stand the test of time. More than a century after artisans emblazoned the first...