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  1. Hermès, the nearly 180-year-old fashion house and brand, also creates limited-edition board games using fine leather, wood, and precious materials.
  2. Tory Burch and Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware
  3. Project Interiors infuses a classic home outside Chicago with contemporary verve.
  4. Holly Hunt and her namesake brand need no introduction. But she has plenty of news to share.
  5. High above Manhattan,this Jamie Drake–designed penthouse is anything but a shrinking violet.
  6. Tom Moser’s distinctive craftsmanship only gets better with age.
  7. Kartell and Emilio Pucci give the Madame chair a graphic advantage.
  8. Philadelphia John Pomp Studios Devotees of craftsman John Pomp’s handblown light fixtures also prize his glass-centric furniture and fantasize about the perfect place to put it. The Stites coffee...
  9. Sometimes a design talent goes unnoticed for too long and a certain brilliance awaits, hoping for a turn in the spotlight. Designer and architect Lina Bo Bardi, who died in 1992, was one such...
  10. The recently opened Gubi flagship is a uniquely material world.