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  1. The Buben & Zörweg Collector Safe XL ( ), an enhanced version of the German manufacturer’s high-security Collector Safe, will protect a larger assortment of assets. The basic...
  2. A South African city with ambitious designs
  3. The newest line of barbecues from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet can turn a backyard amateur into a bona fide grill master. The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grills ( ) are priced from $9...
  4. Bec Brittain has added four dynamic lighting designs to her eponymous collection of geometric chandeliers, rope-inspired jewelry, and assorted novelties. Released in May, the pieces pair opaque glass...
  5. Whether newly built or undergoing renovation, these remarkable homes have recently hit the market—and are poised to capture the attention of style-minded buyers. Location: Beverly Hills, Calif.;...
  6. Those seeking a design-worthy venue on the West Coast for an important business meeting or social event may wish to investigate One Kearny Club . Located at the intersection of San Francisco’s Geary...
  7. Users of Dornbracht ’s fittings for the bath can now take their showers lying down. Released this summer in the States, the company’s Horizontal Shower—a follow-up to its Vertical Shower of 2011—...
  8. Following its 2008 U.S. release of Tattoo Pouf—a round stool made to resemble a large marble ball—furniture manufacturer Cerruti Baleri introduced two new marble-like furniture pieces this year in...
  9. The new Stiga Showcourt ( ) has been used in the World Team Classic, the Swedish Open, and other professional table-tennis tournaments this year because its design provides players...
  10. Driven to replicate the vibrant paint colors she remembered from her childhood home in Puerto Rico, artist Gretchen Schauffler founded Devine Color 15 years ago from her working studio in Portland...