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  1. James Magni has an advantage over most interior designers: He trained as an architect before entering the field. Structure and line are paramount to him, as is reducing a piece of furniture—whether...
  2. Dedon Bobby Dekeyser, a former German soccer star, kicked outdoor furniture design into the 21st century seven years ago, when his company, Dedon, released its Daydream collection of furnishings...
  3. When Turkish bath manufacturer VitrA invited industrial designer Ross Lovegrove to create a bathroom suite, he immediately accepted. “Istanbul is so redolent with history,” says Lovegrove. “It...
  4. Sicis Sicis founder Maurizio Placuzzi keeps his eye on the small as well as the big picture. “We consider ourselves mosaic makers, not tile makers,” says the former professional soccer player, who in...
  5. Scott Salvator knows that his designs will not appeal to everyone. “What we do is the antithesis of what’s been popular for 10 years,” he says, contrasting his interiors with the sparser styles...
  6. Iin 1885, Chicago Home Insurance Building opened on the corner of La Salle and Adams Streets as the world first skyscraper. The 10-story edifice, which featured a steel frame that supported the walls...
  7. Scratching on the eight ball would be preferable to leaving a scratch on the Bolero, the first pool table from Barcelona furniture maker Tresserra Collection.
  8. When hotelier David Garrett sold the Point late last year, it was not because he had lost interest in the 11-room resort on New York’s Upper Saranac Lake. Rather, the sale of the property—which...
  9. Before Monique Lafia and Chris Arvin redesigned this Beverly Hills, Calif., billiard room, it was not exactly functional. "There was no room to shoot pool, and it would have been a less-than-ideal...
  10. Thirty-six years after founding his eponymous furniture company in his native Mexico, Alfonso Marina is overseeing a growth spurt. The 61-year-old designer’s daughters, Lucia and Isabel, recently...