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  1. In the 1830s, Henri J. Sillam’s antecedents achieved renown in Paris for their ability to produce...
  2. Lasers lend these designs their cutting edge. Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer (
  3. With its Louis Vuitton jewelry by Lorenz Bäumer ( ), the French fashion house...
  4. Dickson Yewn considers himself to be as much an auteur as an artisan—one who weaves his yarns in...
  5. THE GIFT A collection of 13 natural red diamonds—among the rarest gems in the world—and two rings,...
  6. British firm Deakin & Francis offers hundreds of cuff links designs to satisfy any businessman’...
  7. For the past two years, exceptional-quality colored diamonds have been breaking auction records,...
  8. While in London for three weeks in the winter of 1940, during World War II, a South American...
  9. Fashion trends come and go, but certain jewelry pieces transcend the fads and, year after year,...
  10. It was like old times in St. Petersburg one weekend last May as some of Cartier’s best clients...