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Search results

  1. Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer designed Louis Vuitton’s first fine jewelry collection two years ago, but for his own collection this year, he went in a wildly inventive new direction—several of them...
  2. Every year, De Beers (800.929.0889, ) unveils fresh design themes that incorporate classic round white diamonds and rough varieties of pink, yellow, and cognac stones. But with its...
  3. James de Givenchy, designer for Sotheby’s Diamonds (212.894.1400, ) , fashions avant-?garde jewelry using some of the world’s best diamonds. This year he continues to...
  4. just five years’ time, Leviev (212.763.5300, ) has earned a reputation as one of the world’s great diamond houses, with spectacular white and fancy colored diamonds set into stylish...
  5. "I always believe that when you have the opportunity to acquire something unique it’s your lucky day, because once it’s gone the opportunity has gone also," says Laurence Graff, founder of Graff, who...
  6. When Harry Winston (800.988.4110, ) unveiled its Court of Jewels exhibit last November in New York, it was reminiscent of the jeweler’s original display bearing the same name...
  7. The Munich-based jeweler Hemmerle (+, ) stands apart for its fearless combinations of exceptional diamonds and gemstones with ordinary metals such as brass and...
  8. t last year’s Biennale des Anti­quaires in Paris, Cartier (800.?227.8437, ) presented 60 high-style designs featuring flamboyant feather and colorful bird motifs and romantic details...
  9. In 1920, Coco Chanel journeyed to Venice, Italy, where the Oriental design elements in the Doge’s Palace inspired a new Byzantine direction in her own creations, with ornate, colorful pieces that...
  10. If you cannot decide what cuff links to wear, Brioni has created a clever concept that delivers six options in one design. The new white-gold cuff links ($3,900) come with six interchangeable mother-...